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my first lab coatYesterday I got my laboratory coats from the company where I work for. A lab coats with my name embroidered. I love wearing this outfit. It is the best coat ever and I am really proud of it.
For some reason, I’ve always admired this outfit. I was amazed to see people wearing these clothes. “Doctor is the one who wearing this clotes”, that’s my thought from my childhood thinking. So I started having a dream to become a doctor. Being a doctor, wearing a white coat, looks clean, elegant, and understated. I love to see the doctor and imagine that one day I will become one of them.

Up until a time, I realized that I have a phobia of blood. I don’t have a clear memory about why, how, or when it began but I know that I can’t stand seeing sight of blood or injured people. The feeling that I can’t explain.  Something that I really do not have any idea but one thing for sure, I know that I could not become a doctor with me like this. Be a doctor who will always meet injured people and be a friend with blood.

As the time goes by, I left that dream and planned to be in science. I found my self always been fascinated by the “why” sort of questions and try to know deeper and better in a thing. So I decided I wanted to know much more about the “why” of things rather than just the description of what happened. That’s why I decided to go into pure science.

I had already done chemistry as my major at bachelor and master degree. I think the greatest satisfaction for me is the wonderful life I have as a scientist. I learn a lot in science. I learn when to let go and when to move on. There’s a challenge, and of course, sometimes I have to push myself to do something a little bit harder in a time. It’s a little bit scary maybe, but you know- when you get to the top, it’s exhilarating. There’s an amazing feeling when I’ve been able to crack the problem I were after. And then you start all over again, again, and again. Just like a circle which have no beginning and no end. There’s always be a challenge to be solved.

Now, here I am doing some experiments, trial and success. It’s such an interesting job and a very good preparation in terms of general preparation. I got technical skills in analytical technologies. I learned how to—, I understood a lot of-, and I learn a lot of thing I don’t know before-. I did all that sort of thing. I can strengten my background in analytical chemistry with hands-on instrumental experience. Here’s a very good place to learn and to get more knowledge about practical skills. I feel that my job is at the same time as my hobby. There is no real difference between spare time and work. It’s always a privilege and challenge to be in this field. I really enjoyed that. And I thanks God for giving me this chance.

That’s my story about white coat. I don’t have any sense of regret for not being able to be a doctor. I’m glad I’m here. Here, in the world of science. Here, in the world filled of questions and answers, and I’m getting more excited because I also have a white coat here :)

27.01.13 Gn. Putri Bogor


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