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It was early morning of the new year’s day when I woke up. It was as if the whole world was still fall asleep. There was no noise in the air. There only sounds of leaves and birds. I started the day. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, ! It’s New Year!

It was a quite morning. I woke up and looked out to greet the rising sun. I was very much there to welcome the arrival of this ‘new’ sun. I always love the first sun of every new year day. It seemed to have brought in new hopes, new dreams, new aspirations. Looking at that that sun I told my self to gather all the precious moments of the last year and treasure them deep in my mind. Just before they would become faded memories.

There was so much to say, so much to be heard. The experience of one whole year. All the small ways in which I had grown. All those mistakes I had learned from. And all those joys and sorrows.

So many things had happened, some I had long waited for, some I had never dreamed of. And time went by. Again, one whole year has passed. I’m not what I were one year ago. In the time went by, the whole world has changed. With various goodbye, I greet what’s coming with mixed bag of events. Some happy, some sad; Some good, some bad.

New Year. All of those happened last year had prepared me to face new challenges that new year might pose. There’s so many things have to be done this year. Some promises to be kept. Some little dreams to be realized. Some goals to be achieved. So many things to be done. It’s time to look forward to. To everything that 2013 might have in store for me.

Be ready -Hey, Me- to take small steps towards a brighter future. Let’s greet this new year with open arms and minds.

Happy new year 2013 :)

01.01.13, Gn.Putri Bogor


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