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On my way back home, I saw children playing in rain puddles. They smile laughing each other with boundless energy and the pure joy of a light heart. It caught my eyes as they can find so much joy in the smallest things. They are happy while many adults complain about the rain. I saw it as if They were the only ones who did not complaining. They were the only ones who seemed to be having a good time in the spite of situation.

Arrived home. I started smiling alone in my room remembering the kids. How can they even find joy in things that annoy adults. What a spirit. It was incredibly so I started ask my self whether I still have mine. My youthful spirits with bold ideas, wild creativity and big dreams without fear I used to have. Do I still have it now? or it slowly disappeared as I grow into adult? I was the one who proudly said that becoming adult doesn’t mean being locked on the door that read logic. But now I’m afraid that I am the one who being locked behind that door. Without me knowing, growing older, becoming more serious, and wrapping up in daily activities, step by step I start leaving it behind. Leaving those spirits with pure faith and love. Pure faith that believe in all my dreams. Pure love to love with no motives, no intentions. Pure love to love what I do. Pure spirit to live for the moment. To look forward for everything. To see good things in life and appreciate what I have right now.

I’ve got a big lesson today. From the playful child in the rain. Unknowingly and without a clue They remind me about the curiosity, the enthusiasm, and all the things I tend to forget as I grow up. Even in the most difficult of times, no matter what I have lost or gone through. -yes! I can still find joy and take each day with a smile. With a pure smile. Just like the children. :)

24. 01.13 Gn. Putri, Bogor.



  1. differences between children and adults only in the amount of time to take lessons to be wise. Human thought is determined by the dominance of the right brain or left brain, and both must be balanced.

    we have to play boy-Boyan or hide and seek, someday. like runningman… hehe

    • And talking about Running Man, I wonder How many episodes Do I miss?? Huhu,, seems like I need to copy the file from Kopo :))

        • Jaka
        • Posted January 25, 2013 at 8:54 pm
        • Permalink

        wah.. sama uy, harddisknya jatoh. jadi aja ga bersisa. . .

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